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    A New Scent, a New Week

    Hi ladies   And so the Marc Jacobs fragrance family grows by one, Marc Jacobs presents Decadence, it first mature fragrance of this year. The luxurious packaging made me feel initially…

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    The Return of the Backpack

    Hi Ladies The Return of the Backpack Looking back on the history of backpacks, the only time they were ever deemed fashionable was nearly two decades ago. Rarely were they ever…

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    Pre Wedding Luncheon with the Girls

    Hello Ladies     Attending a  pre wedding luncheon with the girls and want to follow this seasons Autumn/Winter monochrome trend…    then opt for some ultra cool monochromes as seen…

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    Chilly Tuesday & Girls are Dining Out x

    Hi Ladies   It’s Tuesday & we have definitely moved into the Autumn season. Feeling chilly tonight, but really excited to get dressed up & go out. Looking to some of…

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    Perfume Weekly

    Hi Ladies & Gents   MAC Turquatic Purfume, a contemporary scent, is vibrant sensual & eclectic . As with any product from Estee Lauder the quality and character of its products…

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    A wedding @ the weekend

    Hi Ladies Looking very forward to the weekend perhaps, a very special occasion ahead…. a family wedding or a best friend tying the knot? Wondering exactly what to wear with the…

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    Race Week Outfit Ideas

    Hiii everyone, the pre race fashion prep for Galway Race week with designers working on a 24 hour clock to finish all the fantastic designs…..   Unsure of what to wear…