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If your an oily skin “type”

Hiiii ladies…


How to get the best products for oily skin better late …..the much awaited recommendations for oily skin.

How to achieve the perfect base on oily skin can be very difficult, on the one hand skin can be excessively oily & on the other hand skin can get easily clogged and prone to breakouts. When looking for products for oily skin you need to find a cleanser initially to clear away all the oil effectively without stripping the skin of its natural radiance.

Oily types are the type of skin that would benefit significantly from the use of the Clarisonic cleanser: just to note that there a few types of deep brush cleansers for skin available at the moment but this is still my absolute favourite option when it comes to deep cleaning on the skin (I will do a special on this deep cleanser soon) apres the skin recommendations) the skin can always benefit from super deep cleaning & intensive care.

The clarisonic retails at in Brown Thomas or it is also available online @ Watch out for special offers or promotion that can make all the difference when you are saving for your special day.
Oily skin types can often forget about eye area care especially when they are concerned about excessive facial oiliness on the skin itself. The Channel eye le lift concentrate your is a lightweight eye serum easily used around the eye area, fantastically this is lightweight easily absorbed without leaving an excessively oily residue on the skin. Reports indicate that clients can see at least 20 percemt visible reduction under the eye area.


Extract from exulis morning glory is used here and and intensifitied to hydrate the skin and reverse the signs of ageing . The Compound is around 50 times stronger than the original molecules so multiply the healing capabilities, also marine extract helps keep any fine lines super hydrated and smooth.
Found that this lightweight version kept the under eye area hydrated all day long especially after lunch when my eyes can feel dry & tired. Also really like the fact that my makeup sits really well on top of this product as some creams can cause sagging if they are too rich.
Really feel that massaging a little amount of cream is hugely beneficial,  boosting currculation using the minimal amount of cream.


Then a fantastic preference for oily skin types is  the  Clarins toning lotion with Iris, amazing this is alcohol free, floral scented and in cute apple green colour, keeps the skin oil free for a few hours also a great option to refresh skin in the morning. Also like any other toner removes the last traces of makeup from the skin.  I really love the see through packaging which I feel is hygienic and you can keep an eye on how much product is left. The scent is strong and for sensitive oily types you might want to consider a sample before purchasing.


The Estée Lauder advance cleansing foam is a super soft foam that gently removes and exfoliates the skin, the algae extract will purify oily areas while the caffeine will tighten any enlarged pores. Really enjoyed using this product it left the skin surface very soft and refined, one that i regularly use as its so gentle on the skin. *** fav***

Approx 29 E

the most important they say ….. the hydrated part …. This is a great option for oily types the Chanel Blue serum ….they say continued use can create up to a “35 % percent reduction” in the appearance of the dreaded wrinkles. The theory is they have adapted anti aging incrediants in the diet from areas in the world where people live longer : green coffee, boson olives and lentisk. A combination of this ingredients gives the skin an incredible complexion boost, really liked the softness of the skin after the week and my skin did not breakout or feel clogged.



If you wanted additional moisture then the Chanel “le lift cream” is superbbbb really brightened my complexion, I firmly believe your moisturiser should start to work for you within a few days & this was terrific!!!!! It contains the Edulis morning glory specific to Chanel skin care it hones in on jaded skin and boosts skin from the inside out.




see see you soon.


Rachelle x

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