The Return of the Backpack

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The Return of the Backpack


Looking back on the history of backpacks, the only time they were ever deemed fashionable was nearly two decades ago. Rarely were they ever used to make a fashion statement and for purposes other than traveling or school. But our cultural obsession with reviving past trends has got us longing for the fad that was ubiquitous in the ‘90s. Back then, it was only Prada that was able to strike the balance between practicality and panache, in contrast to all of today’s labels, both indie and well-known, which have managed to create various kinds of stylish backpacks to address the lifestyle needs of the under-40 something year old city adventurer

The student staple became all the rage in the fashion industry when celebrities hung up their purses for the carryall, sporting a backpack during daily errands and tasks, from shopping to going out for dinner. Kanye West even brought one on stage with him while he was on tour, inevitably changing the “back-to-school” trend to “back-to-cool.” The popularity among the stars encouraged ready-to-wear labels to give the conventional canvas backpack a stylish makeover, ruling as one of the hottest trends on the runways and in street wear. From the boyish Herschel designs to the luxurious leather of Mulberry products, fashion aggregator Lyst says that “there are backpacks to suit all moods and occasions.

Fashion after fashion show, more and more designers share their take on the chic rucksack, with one of the more recent luxury brands showcasing their modern spin on the nylon utility bag being Burberry. The reimagined nylon backpack made its debut during London Fashion Week, with a price tag of $1,295 to indicate that these once dorky accessories are things that even the luxe shopper have taken a keen interest in.

Are backpacks really the new “It Bags?” Possibly. It seems that millennials need more reasons to invest high fashion beyond physical appearance or trendiness of the accessory. In order for the typical consumer to remotely consider buying a luxury bag over a backpack from an economical brand, it needs to have better durability and flexibility to match with a myriad of outfits. Style may still be our primary reason for purchasing accessories, but it’s quite apparent that for us, function is just as important as fashion.



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