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MAC Turquatic Purfume, a contemporary scent, is vibrant sensual & eclectic . As with any product from Estee Lauder the quality and character of its products are second to none. It is marketed as an aquatic scent , to be honest I didn’t really experience an aquatic scent thankfully. Slightly more complex than your average citrus scent maybe thats why it works as a unisex fragrance, Men love the woody scent and women the citrus and floral layers with the underlying muskier undertone. Both men & woman  can both definitely wear  this perfume ✌️.


Wearing this Frangrance feels like wearing multiple layers of sharp citrus scents all @ once, lemon and  lotus. The acidic notes with the Corsican Blue Cedar muskier undertone from create an unforgettable scent . This perfume lasts about three hours before needing to top up, with many people throughout the day complementing on the unique scent.

It is available in 3 sizes : 50 ml , 30 ml & a cute miniature rollerball ( ideal if you want to carry your signature scent with you )?? .

Available nationwide @ Brown Thomes 50ml @ 55 Euro .



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