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a paler shade of mint & cream….

Paler shades are often said to be the most interesting ones, sometimes we struggle with pale varieties. With pastels, burnt oranges and rose pinks to the colours of the summer we need to get our wardrobes topped up.

If your skin is on the Jane Austin side of argumentative & interesting then opt for pale pinks and lemon yellows. If you a little on the more yellow olive side which us Irish ladies pretend to be consistently topping up those tans…….
This Ivory and cream dress from Ted Baker has us dreaming of summer. A dress resplendent of an era in style that we still seek to replicate the much loved 1950s, very much like a dress Princess Grace would have worn herself.

High round neck with soft extended cape sleeves. The black floral embroidery is exquisitely hand sewn throughout the dress. A miniature box bow ribbon detail sits at the neck and is linked to the same detail at the waist by a line of ribbon. The skirt is in a soft 50s silhouette with hand sewn floral embroidery throughout .

A hemline is a detail in itself …..a line of ribbon sewn around the circumference of the gown approx 3 inches from the edge accentuates the sheer edge of the gown, creating the illusion of Incredible longer legs. Pair with a black sandal or black patent court, incredible options seen last at the bottom of your wardrobe or if you feel like getting shopping check out, amazing and they also ship to Ireland.

The Iivy dress is Currently available at Brown Thomas &


Feeling mint to saw the least, then this Ted Baker gown echoes that sentimental entirely….. a high halter neck, with the quirkiest of details. Box pleating all around the collar framing the peep through hands bordered lace detailing along the bustline, enhancing the bodice shape of the dress.


The waist is very accentuated here with box pleats sewn downward falling flatly down over the waist and full skirt. The skirt is full and falls softly down from the waist with exquisite peep through detailing at the edging.

“Zaffron” now available 190E at Brown Thomas or

A simple sandal would be exquisite with this dress a huge selection now available on an exquisite pair would be the Dune rose heel in blush @120E.



chat to you so soon


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Brazen & Bold Style

Hi Ladies


want  to to go Brazen & Bold with your colour this week…..Check out A choice selection of colour from the luxury brand Ted Baker …..


Grab the attention straight away with this pop of fushia the Jaycee dress @ 215E. Had to admitt a little unsure at the start but when this dress is on the fit is incredible. High round neckline with short sleeves , chic & comfy. The petal shaped cutouts on the waist create the illusion of a super narrow waistline .

The petal shape is visible entirly from the side but looking from the front two triangular cutouts can be seen on either side. The cutouts are lined in ribbed ribbon with a crossover box bow detail in the centre further enhancing the illusion of a narrow waist. The feminine equisite tailouring continues onto an aline skirt, three darts to the back and front allow the skirt to really hug the hips and sit beautifully. The accessories couls be switched up according to your evenot. Gold or royal blue would be two incredible choices.


Shop the look @
The Amahlia dress @ 190E with a classic bardot neckline is something entirely different. The Bardot neckline is back with us for a few seasons now & set to turn heads. This dress is a contrast of a simplicity in shape with a bold geomretic pattern. This dress is made of entirely navy with a pattern of white swallows mid flight spiralling into soft focus daisies with a jade green epicentre. The daisy and swallows then merge to create geomretic pattern of daisies on the edge of the skirt. Pair with a navy clutch and nude heel courts to complete the look. Perfect little dress option for first date, party or night out.

Shop the look



Both looks also available at Brown Thomas this week.



chat soon & have a fabulous weekend


Rachelle x

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“Dress Me” I’m off Racing

A month of racing…. sleeves, skirts, kitten heels or stilettos just what to wear to stand out of a very fashionable crowd.

When dressing for such an important occasion where to start…. Just take a look at your most comfortable outfit recently….. Where were you going….. how did u feel in it… this can help you build your look if your finding it difficult to choose somewhere to start from.

There are generally four lady shapes: Apple, Pear shaped , Straight or Hourglass. When dressing you are simply going to shop for your shape.

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