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Chic Autumn inspiration for your hen weekend working those rich shades of burdandy , black and orange


Then embody some of these chic tips and pairings from this years Autumn Winter looks…. there are some beautiful influences from the 1920s a period of hot nonchalant sophisticated glamour with designers choosing their inspiration from the decadnant patterns, the lush ornate golds, burgundy’s bottom green and some purple influences. Keeping that in mind I opted for this black embroidered dress with scalloped edging it’s from Club L and bought on Asos….
LOVE this from ASOS!
The purple and white flowers have a divine intricate green
Foliage, the skirt itself has a soft A line shape, works well if your like an hourglass shape but best avoided if you want to add height to your frame. Really love the little details on this frock, there is an open diamond cutout to the upper shoulders at the back, tied with silver button under the neck. A little scallop edging all around the hem of the skirt is quite stunning and the heavy embroidery continues right to the edge.

Mordernising the look for a day or evening event with a leather stud jacket from Penney’s, timeless, crop style jacket with large flap back lapels which can be super flattering, minimizing a larger bust or also adding volume to a petit shape. The studded embellishment is worn by every celebrity this year seen on Rosie Hs handbags to Kate’s emblazoned blazers. A quality leather blazer can be hauled out every year perfect for dresses , jeans , mini and everything in between.

Huge selection on just saw another must have and very similar to mine it’s Barney’s faux leather jacket with detachable hood, LOVE this from ASOS!

Layering patterns is very now and quite a trendy way to show off your Best Buy’s this time of year. Can be easily achieved by layering patterns with similar
undertones here we have a zebra monochrome pattern on the boots and the black and white in the dress pattern, lending the outfit a more thoughtful approach to layers.

These zebra ankles wedges are pretty old now but timeless nonetheless an impulse buy from Aldo but we’re still staying together.

This version from Saint Laurent the niki zebra hair calf skin ankle boots at 1095E
Are an investment for sure but the cool heel and Art Deco influences on the silhouette tick all the boxes we need this season.

Or for something with a little more pricing room try these cuties from New Look at 69.99E
Lower heel means lots more wear….. a Saturday coffee with jeans perhaps to a Sat night under a dress.

Want to go with a trouser option and laid back approach then swap your boots for a pair of pleathers and chunky velvets heels ….. these heels from Penney’s are mint altogether not to mention a super bargain and in this seasons most loved shade of burgundy.
Add length to the leg even if you have short side of things with very slim mining pleather leggings. These version is from h & m in the past two years, handy thing with pleather is that it washes so well. Something to remember velvet and pleather go way back, keep it up to date by pairing smartly, limiting-the chosen later to an accessory. Worn with fringe T-shirt from Asos, this years catwalks 80s and 70s influences
nigh here with distressed cotton hence the soft black and extended fringing. The emblem ads a casual pop to the otherwise plain t.
LOVE this from ASOS!
I added the essential winter accessory, “The coat” is distinctively 70s and very in with a large collar and a crazy burnt orange shade, button detailing referring military style often seen in jackets and coat since. A wool blend chic lines lend the look rockstar credability not to mension keeping me taosted for the night. Get yours now .
LOVE this from ASOS!



last but no least the main accessory in both the bag…… is one I have been waiting in a dove grey shade just picked up from Penney’s at a pretty awesome 8 Euro. Also seen in cream might have to pop back in this week….. watch this space ……

Sharing the inspiration in style,See you soon


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If your an oily skin “type”

Hiiii ladies…


How to get the best products for oily skin better late …..the much awaited recommendations for oily skin.

How to achieve the perfect base on oily skin can be very difficult, on the one hand skin can be excessively oily & on the other hand skin can get easily clogged and prone to breakouts. When looking for products for oily skin you need to find a cleanser initially to clear away all the oil effectively without stripping the skin of its natural radiance.

Oily types are the type of skin that would benefit significantly from the use of the Clarisonic cleanser: just to note that there a few types of deep brush cleansers for skin available at the moment but this is still my absolute favourite option when it comes to deep cleaning on the skin (I will do a special on this deep cleanser soon) apres the skin recommendations) the skin can always benefit from super deep cleaning & intensive care.

The clarisonic retails at in Brown Thomas or it is also available online @ Watch out for special offers or promotion that can make all the difference when you are saving for your special day.
Oily skin types can often forget about eye area care especially when they are concerned about excessive facial oiliness on the skin itself. The Channel eye le lift concentrate your is a lightweight eye serum easily used around the eye area, fantastically this is lightweight easily absorbed without leaving an excessively oily residue on the skin. Reports indicate that clients can see at least 20 percemt visible reduction under the eye area.


Extract from exulis morning glory is used here and and intensifitied to hydrate the skin and reverse the signs of ageing . The Compound is around 50 times stronger than the original molecules so multiply the healing capabilities, also marine extract helps keep any fine lines super hydrated and smooth.
Found that this lightweight version kept the under eye area hydrated all day long especially after lunch when my eyes can feel dry & tired. Also really like the fact that my makeup sits really well on top of this product as some creams can cause sagging if they are too rich.
Really feel that massaging a little amount of cream is hugely beneficial,  boosting currculation using the minimal amount of cream.


Then a fantastic preference for oily skin types is  the  Clarins toning lotion with Iris, amazing this is alcohol free, floral scented and in cute apple green colour, keeps the skin oil free for a few hours also a great option to refresh skin in the morning. Also like any other toner removes the last traces of makeup from the skin.  I really love the see through packaging which I feel is hygienic and you can keep an eye on how much product is left. The scent is strong and for sensitive oily types you might want to consider a sample before purchasing.


The Estée Lauder advance cleansing foam is a super soft foam that gently removes and exfoliates the skin, the algae extract will purify oily areas while the caffeine will tighten any enlarged pores. Really enjoyed using this product it left the skin surface very soft and refined, one that i regularly use as its so gentle on the skin. *** fav***

Approx 29 E

the most important they say ….. the hydrated part …. This is a great option for oily types the Chanel Blue serum ….they say continued use can create up to a “35 % percent reduction” in the appearance of the dreaded wrinkles. The theory is they have adapted anti aging incrediants in the diet from areas in the world where people live longer : green coffee, boson olives and lentisk. A combination of this ingredients gives the skin an incredible complexion boost, really liked the softness of the skin after the week and my skin did not breakout or feel clogged.



If you wanted additional moisture then the Chanel “le lift cream” is superbbbb really brightened my complexion, I firmly believe your moisturiser should start to work for you within a few days & this was terrific!!!!! It contains the Edulis morning glory specific to Chanel skin care it hones in on jaded skin and boosts skin from the inside out.




see see you soon.


Rachelle x

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a paler shade of mint & cream….

Paler shades are often said to be the most interesting ones, sometimes we struggle with pale varieties. With pastels, burnt oranges and rose pinks to the colours of the summer we need to get our wardrobes topped up.

If your skin is on the Jane Austin side of argumentative & interesting then opt for pale pinks and lemon yellows. If you a little on the more yellow olive side which us Irish ladies pretend to be consistently topping up those tans…….
This Ivory and cream dress from Ted Baker has us dreaming of summer. A dress resplendent of an era in style that we still seek to replicate the much loved 1950s, very much like a dress Princess Grace would have worn herself.

High round neck with soft extended cape sleeves. The black floral embroidery is exquisitely hand sewn throughout the dress. A miniature box bow ribbon detail sits at the neck and is linked to the same detail at the waist by a line of ribbon. The skirt is in a soft 50s silhouette with hand sewn floral embroidery throughout .

A hemline is a detail in itself …..a line of ribbon sewn around the circumference of the gown approx 3 inches from the edge accentuates the sheer edge of the gown, creating the illusion of Incredible longer legs. Pair with a black sandal or black patent court, incredible options seen last at the bottom of your wardrobe or if you feel like getting shopping check out, amazing and they also ship to Ireland.

The Iivy dress is Currently available at Brown Thomas &


Feeling mint to saw the least, then this Ted Baker gown echoes that sentimental entirely….. a high halter neck, with the quirkiest of details. Box pleating all around the collar framing the peep through hands bordered lace detailing along the bustline, enhancing the bodice shape of the dress.


The waist is very accentuated here with box pleats sewn downward falling flatly down over the waist and full skirt. The skirt is full and falls softly down from the waist with exquisite peep through detailing at the edging.

“Zaffron” now available 190E at Brown Thomas or

A simple sandal would be exquisite with this dress a huge selection now available on an exquisite pair would be the Dune rose heel in blush @120E.



chat to you so soon


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Brazen & Bold Style

Hi Ladies


want  to to go Brazen & Bold with your colour this week…..Check out A choice selection of colour from the luxury brand Ted Baker …..


Grab the attention straight away with this pop of fushia the Jaycee dress @ 215E. Had to admitt a little unsure at the start but when this dress is on the fit is incredible. High round neckline with short sleeves , chic & comfy. The petal shaped cutouts on the waist create the illusion of a super narrow waistline .

The petal shape is visible entirly from the side but looking from the front two triangular cutouts can be seen on either side. The cutouts are lined in ribbed ribbon with a crossover box bow detail in the centre further enhancing the illusion of a narrow waist. The feminine equisite tailouring continues onto an aline skirt, three darts to the back and front allow the skirt to really hug the hips and sit beautifully. The accessories couls be switched up according to your evenot. Gold or royal blue would be two incredible choices.


Shop the look @
The Amahlia dress @ 190E with a classic bardot neckline is something entirely different. The Bardot neckline is back with us for a few seasons now & set to turn heads. This dress is a contrast of a simplicity in shape with a bold geomretic pattern. This dress is made of entirely navy with a pattern of white swallows mid flight spiralling into soft focus daisies with a jade green epicentre. The daisy and swallows then merge to create geomretic pattern of daisies on the edge of the skirt. Pair with a navy clutch and nude heel courts to complete the look. Perfect little dress option for first date, party or night out.

Shop the look



Both looks also available at Brown Thomas this week.



chat soon & have a fabulous weekend


Rachelle x

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Jyst like Cinderella

Hi ladies

Want to feel like Cinderella all day on your big day  then get these heels in your sights


Kurt Geiger has a huge amount to offer this season for the bold and glamorous bride.
These sharp stilletos from Kurt Geiger are just divine, a sequin rose gold toe and silver sparkle heel would be equisite paired with a vintage gown in cream ivory or in a deep cream or rose gold. So comfy made with the softest tan interior, made for dancing your night away, priced just @ 110E. The details on these heels ate timeless for your wedding day but also for another occasion ….. a post wedding party or a glam girls day out……

These gold gems are what little girls dream of …   a contemporary version of the round toe court. The gold faux snakesskin texture is crafted throughout the shoe. The beautiful coffee cream box bow is the much favoured detail on this shoe, ideal if your dress is a little on the short side & you want the bows to peep out. Stunning accompaniment to a deep cream or cofee coloured gown.

Both options above are currently available in Brown Thomas, Limerick.


Chat soon





Just how to do we achieve luminous bridal skin…..

Hi Ladies


How does every bride to be feel about her skin right now …..most likely its tired, dry & missing our dose of vitamin D …..hence why else would we book that hunnimoon with 24/7 sunshine and cocktails!!!! Back to right now though, we need to whip that skin into a hive of boosted circulation with it rejuvenating skin cells all on its own. Every bride wants a  luminous glow on her special day, but just where do you start when it comes to skincare & a new regime. Well firstly there are 4 different skin types – dry, oily, combination and sensitive .Today we are going to look at product recommendations for  combination skin.


Cleansing ones skin and ones wardrobe is something we just neglect time after time, but with a few quick fixes this can be easily rectified. Cleanse, cleanse, when it comes to makeup removal, sebum dead skin cells, evan a daily build up of stress. Cleanse twice daily with this foam.  Clients often ask why should I cleanse daily ….?

Well the magic of cleansing the skin twice is the initial cleanse will break down makeup & excess sebum on the skin. While the 2nd cleanse will cleanse the epidermis itself, avoiding the buildup of excess sebum in the pores (causing bad breakouts) and helping the skin with rejuvenation and also with circulation. Use a minute amount of product working it into a lather to create a lush foamy wash- the coconut base here helps create that soft cleanse with coconut notorious for its deep cleansing properties so clean skin equates radiant skin for the bride.


Clarins Gentle Foaming cleanser @23E with cottonseed extract is gentle enough to use every day, the seed gently exfoliates. A minute amount of product is perfect for a whole face application, just mix with warm water and it creates an instant foamy wash. The coconut base draws out impurities and we all know that clean skin equals radiant skin.

Next up the power of the toner!,,, once we have opened those pores to give them a deep clean we need to tighten them back up to avoid excess product building up in the skin. Tight toned skin is also younger looking skin so stock up on Clarins toning lotion with Iris @ 22E. Your skin will thank you, the cooling effect of Aloa Vera is soothing and heeling on combination skin with its oily zones. The iris and sage will leave the skin squeaky clean and tighen all the pores in those oily zones.


Looking after our eyes is of uttermost importance for the Bride to Be & Lancôme Genifique eye cream @ 55E is a cult favourite a pearlescent cooling eye serum, instantly absorbed into the under eye area. This cream instantly revitalises puffy eyes with the first appearance of fine lines. You can feel the effects of this cream instantly, an immediate tightening effect is felt under the eyes.  Over a few nights the difference is a visible reduction in puffiness.  The tightening effect on wrinkles is immediate and fantastic I loved the quick absorbsion of this product.

Last but very essential the protection and moisture preservation of our skin. I choose the clarins anti pollution factor 50 @ 36E this staple moisturiser should be in every brides handbag- obviously not to be worn the day of your wedding as you will get flashback with the high factor. This little gem is ultra light and sits perfectly on the skin for all day wear, creates a glossy base even under my Estée Lauder Double wear. Super hydrating will keep your skin glossy and soft in the run up to your wedding not to mention an essential for your hunnimoon.


So See you next week ladies

Yours in Makeup & Style


Rachelle x

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Bridal Headwear the 2017 story

Hi Ladies


This years bride is all about her accessories. The resurgence of the 70s hair crown since Coachella hit our insta feed, the most talked about “It” festival of the year. One of this festivals must haves for the music loving muse, and crowning the most talked about heads in the fashion industry. With super models and Victorias Secret Angels carefully incorporating this much loved accessory into their 3 day festival look, our interest is sweetly piqued.

Hair crowns can as simple as beautiful flowers woven together to create a showpiece , daisies, miniature roses with delicate filagree tend to be the most popular and signature look. Choose white, cream or ivory for a softer classic take on the look or opt for a colour if you want to introduce a colourful element to your look. If your thinking of colour opt for one colour per bridal party with perhaps ivory for yourself and purple, pastel pink or yellow for the rest of your party.



this beauty  is a sure favourite….  the “SPRING POSY CROWN IN CREAM” This limited edition crown  has beautiful blooms with a touch of pink and sage at the edge with foliage underneath on an adaptable base. Love is in the the little details as the say, the Tie with satin ribbon ties to various lengths at the back of the head, simple divine.

There is also the exquisite beeded variety of hair crown. Glass needing, pearls and coloured stones  are some of the varieties available. your choice here can be purposeful and match the delicate detailing of your own dress or your bridesmaids. A simple dress can be offset by a signature crown.

Adding some whimsical beauty to your day just look at the “Dimensional” a beaded flower headband, beaded twig detail paired with 3d contemorary flowers, perfect for the vintage or contemporary bride. this little piece can be worn as a hair crown,headdress or hairband and i dare say you might even get away with a veil with this one

Adding a little more structure to your hair crown check out the “Safiya” from this diamond encrusted piece from where the handout marquite stones cut as diamonds and freshwater pearls sit on a 14 C plated band.

Adding a middle eastern influence to our look with the breathtakingly beautiful hair chains originally found in the ancient city of Babylonia( Iraq) about 2500 B.C. Middle eastern designers have dominated our catwalks when it comes to everything bridal with powerful designers from Berta Bridal an Israeli based fashion house who hailed the return the beautiful goddess silhouette and Zahavit Tshuba from the heart of Tel Aviv with her statement Bridal wear with strong 70s influences. The chain has always been a symbol of eternal love, where one circle linked to another circle as a symbol of infinite love and connection.

Stunning varieties are available from where delicate varieties add simple decoration to an elaborate hairstyle or decorative varieties can add sublime beauty to the most simple of hairstyles.

One of my favourites is this simple pearl and diamond piece.

To add more definition to your hair wear check out the “Rosette” a cast boho headpiece from It has an antique charm with its delicate gold plated roses, ready to ship out in approx one week from the USA. The best thing is you will wear this piece to multiple occasions with its easy to match gold charm.

The Addition of fresh flowers to the hair can be as sublime and beautiful as you like, think fresh cream roses worn in an up style or to frame a boho style. Gypsophila otherwise known a s baby breath has feathered quite predominantly this year. Weaved into the hair, added to chignons or worn as flower crowns on the cutest of flower girls. First things first and book a consultation with your florist, as the availability of certain arrangement can vary from season to season.


So get your hair coiffed & Let’s put your crowning glory first for a change


Yours in Makeup & Style



rock chick way




Hi ladies

want to emulate this Seasons frenzied obsession with textures ….. It’s all about shopping for separates as the Doc says ‘ one item at a time’  so when shopping for your textures keep a careful eye on the colour ‘ allow for one loud or dominant colour ‘ then one to two complimentary colours to share centre stage so to ‘speak’ with your main colour. Today’s look was edgy with rock chick appeal…..

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Fur Bites

Hi Ladies


Its the frost biting time of the year, the time for fur is nigh and one thing for sure is we haven’t held back. Faux fur has seen a revamping in the biggest of ways….. trumped up in volume, bolder than ever in colour and in a dazzling array of textures…… think beaver, school girl stripes and even as far as a the tie die effect. Any shade or texture that you could only dream of now its here and ready to ship!…. the combination of lush real fur alongside the newer much improved faux fur makes it difficult to tell them apart…..




The faux fur is a very dominant accessory this season with ladies wearing full fur coats, full length and collar stoles and one of the accessories of the season is the fur bag.Check out this wee version …… From asos in one of my favourite shades….. ohhhhhh the dusty pink, super fluffy and with a gold chain. The ultimate Brazen accessory it vamps up this casual outfit. Or if you prefer to just wear one fur piece then wear a fluffy jacket and team it up with a metallic bag, this gorgeous version is from Zara






Shorts: Vintage


Envelope Bag:



Can’t lift that black mood out of your wardrobe then just add some fluffy fur to give you a tickle…. This old vintage jacket is from a vintage shop a long time ago. The leather trimming just caught my eye, ticking all of my favourite boxes – quirky and electric. Don’t underestimate the power of a vampy coat or jacket this month it’s a key piece of your wardrobe this time of year.The black dress the Irish lady’s favourite every Winter -the LBD otherwise known as the little black dress. This little version looks like two separates, a pleated skirt on the skirt. The bodice creates the impression of a blouse with a frill detail to the front with horizontal design lines on either side to compliment the frill to the front. This Dress from a selection at Penneys. Add a pop of colour if your feeling bold….. Red is the classic lifelong love of black …. Always puuuurfect together. Adore,well actually in love with my Olga Berg clutch This invest,eat piece will last forever . It’s electric detailing will render it a conversation starter … A gold snap opening emblazoned with the designers name and with distorted panelling what’s not to love?


Jacket: Vintage with similar alternative from

Dress: from selection at Penneys with similar alternative from



See you soon xxx

Yours in Makeup & Style


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Let the “coat’ do the talking


Hi ladies


First impressions on always count and in Winter why not let your coat do all the talking . ………..Think of your coat as something that compliments your outfit rather than something you take off as you enter the room. Opt for eye catching prints with contrasting colours like this midi length tweed version from River Island. The soft tweed print is really old school but the contemporary design will make you stand out from the crowd. The soft pink underside speaks volumes, wear it hidden or let the reverse side pop out like below. Who can argue with that, two coats in one. Let oversize pockets and lapels make an entrance and keep all the accessories simple.



































Dress: River Island

Coat: River Island

Heels: Ted Baker

Hat: Rachelle Guiry Designs

photography @


Thinking of something more classic with confidant tailoring  …. Look at the “trench coat”.  The trench is a perennial staple since it debuted in 1981 with Max Mara. With haute couture and high street reinventing the design your sure to find your personal favourite. The traditional colour  of camel has always been the universal fashionable  colour for every skin colour and to complement any outfit. Then sometimes it’s just the tailoring were after….. This cream version was found in a vintage shop and a bargain to boot at 25 euro with a stunning high street version from Balenziaga “Swing Coat”  or this Ted Baker “deconstructed trench coat”. This the season of the collar , this funnel neck is classy and cozy, two phrases we love to hear. Some versions have an oversize shape or nipped in waist, drop waist with designers also playing around pockets and belts like those seen at .


































Coat: vintage

Heels: Ted Baker

Hat: Rachelle Guiry Designs




Or if a coat isn’t an option for you… Why not try a coat dress.  Whether it’s printed, plaid, 3D appliqué or animal skin the dress coat is getting a makeover this season. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and 50s heroine with this version from Ted Baker. Why let your dress do all of the work and pair with “timeless heels”  these white kitten heels from Penneys are a must have or the classic Lk Bennett in the “Fern Napa Leather Heel” in “Taupe” will have your eternal love.

on always count and in winter let your coat do all the talking . Think of your coat as something that compliments your outfit rather than something you take off as you enter the room.


Dress: Ted Baker

Heels: Penneys

Hat: Rachelle Guiry Designs



Can’t wait to chat to you soon

yours in makeup and style


Rachelle Guiry



Photography @ Shauna Kennedy